Payment: We value you and your time and strive to keep our lesson and payment policies as easy and  convenient as possible.

Payment for the first lesson can be made online at travelingmusician.com using any major credit card or debit card.

Future payments are automatically billed to the same credit card you used for the first payment at the beginning of each month for all lessons in the month.

If the student or teacher wishes to discontinue lessons, the student will receive a refund for the remaining lessons in the month and their time slot will be forfeited.

Lessons: To maximize progress and minimize the development of bad habits, lessons are given once per week for all students except for those in our twice per week early childhood program.

Lessons are given the same time, day, and location each week. In joint custody cases, the lessons may alternate between locations if the travel time is possible.

Optional recitals are offered twice per year, in the winter and the spring.

Cancelation:  We believe that all students can be successful in music with consistent lessons and practice regardless of natural talent. Our flexible and fair cancelation policy allows for students to have the lessons they need to progress and feel proud of what they accomplish through their lessons, while maintaining realistic expectations of sudden illness or scheduling conflicts.

Lessons canceled by the student will be made-up at a time convenient for both the teacher and the student, either by adding more time to subsequent lessons or by rescheduling for a different day.

If the student is not present at their location at the scheduled lesson time, the teacher will attempt to contact the client. If no contact is made, the teacher will leave after waiting 15 minutes. The remaining lesson time may be made up by adding time to subsequent lessons.

Lessons canceled by the instructor will be credited or refunded to the credit card we have on file, unless the student wishes to reschedule.

Make-up lessons cannot be used as a payment credit.

Contact: Please feel free to contact us at any time for any reason. Email and text communication is the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.

Traveling Musician can be contacted by email at travelingmusician@gmail.com, via our website at travelingmusician.com, by phone or text at (267) 243-4435 or (610) 909-9345.