⭐️ Important Changes⭐️

We will be adjusting lesson times to further increase value to our in-home students during this period of online learning. Because our travel rates vary based on length of lesson in relation to our online rates, please contact our billing office via email if you have any questions about your increased lesson length, otherwise your teacher will simply lengthen your lesson as needed each week throughout this social distancing period.

I have included our seasonal newsletter below for your enjoyment. To stay current with Traveling Musician, our social media links are at the bottom of this message and our blog (https://travelingmusician.com/blog/) is updated weekly, on Fridays with more bite-size news.

?Lesson News?

Online lessons are continuing to go very well! Everyone is doing a phenomenal job navigating new technology and the portals are blowing all of the other online video chat platforms out of the water! We are so impressed with our students and teachers for the ease in which we were able to make this change.

?Current Offerings?

Our Saturday online group classes have been so much fun and a big thanks to Jason Zimmerman, Raison Varner, and Justin Berger for volunteering their time to share their wisdom and experience with our students. In the upcoming months we are hoping to have Ari Leff (Lauv) for a meet and greet and we have new theory programs and an online recital plan in the works! Be sure to check our calendar page for schedule information and new events here: https://travelingmusician.com/events/

We are also working on increasing productivity through new file and video sharing options.

?COVID-19 ?

We are so grateful to the students and community members who have been reaching out to us and asking how they can support our small business during this time. We feel very blessed to have so many people who are thinking of us and want to help as we have had to make this somewhat awkward shift during what is normally one of our busiest sign-up periods for new students. Thanks to everyone who have signed up for extra lessons or referred family and friends to us during this time, we really appreciate it!

? Stay Social?

As always, you can also support us by adding your honest review on google by going to our business page and post a review to our profile. Since google is backed up and delayed due to the virus, be sure to screenshot your review and share it with us as well! The links are below. Following us and engaging with us on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and/or Instagram is a big help as well. Thanks again and we are looking forward to making beautiful music with you! ?™️

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